Jan 15 2013
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Well put togetter GoW Game , congratz Santa Monica

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I liked the GoW games all the time , next to MGS series (started from 1987) , GoW is the only franchise i also collect.

With my 3 lil kids running arround its hard to play sinds of the brutality so i try to take a few minutes be4 i go asleep.

Its quite hard tough .... but then again i must play against pro players Smiley Wink

I love the Hammer of Ares and am quite curious what Santa Monica has in store for us in the future.

Keep it up , and thx for the fruits of your hard work.

Gnight all.




Ps ,modderator of the site ?

Region Holland & Belgium the website  = not the right languages 

Belgium : Dutch , French 

Holland only Dutch

Juuust letting you guys know

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