Nov 30 2012
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Welcome, Read This First

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Hey everyone,


Thank you for joining the first wave of mortals entering our new God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta. We're literally in the opening stages here, so expect the...unexpected, and assume our dev team is constantly working on the software, online stability, and everything else daily. Your feedback on everything is critical.


These Beta Forums will be your single best destination for the latest and greatest updates, and to reach us directly with your feedback. Please bookmark and keep the Beta conversation here as much as possible.


**Please be respectful of everyone on these boards. All constructive opinions are welcome.


***If you have an issue to report, please make sure you detail the exact steps to reproduce, and ensure a similar thread has not been started already




The Multiplayer Beta servers will be open 24/7. Given our Multiplayer Beta is heavily focused around 4v4 team-play, in order to help ensure consistent access to games, we'd like to request everyone aim to play online frequently at these scheduled times daily:


7PM - 10PM PST


This will help ensure the best mass of people online at the same time for quick connections and fierce competition!





We've setup a handy internal Beta FAQ page that we'll be updating periodically. If you have connection issues or need some quick gameplay tips, please visit this link:



Thank you for taking a few moments to read this post, get in the Arena and get back here with your feedback.



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Re: Welcome, Read This First

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Dec 19, 2012
Hi. And thank you.
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