Dec 20 2012
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Upgradable Armor

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I was looking at the differences between the Armor and weapons and I didn't notice anything really. They all have pretty much the same stats, I know that the weapons have different specials but there's nothing that adds to the inidiviuality of the Armor. I'm proposing an idea that you can upgrade any armor or weapon based on the special stat. The Armor of Athena helps with Elemental Resistance and Defense, what if you could use your skill points or another option of currency to maybe double that, I know it goes up by 5 - 10 points each level up. This may seem confusing, but I'm just asking for a way to seperate the different armors so they can be there own thing.

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Re: Upgradable Armor

Dec 20, 2012
I'm afraid armor is very, very different in this game.

The only thing that sucks is, you don't know when to use the proper armor. Say someone won't stop using magic or elemental weapons but you have physical armor on.. that doesn't help at all and you're getting punished pretty hard.

I'm fine with what we have but to be honest certain things don't level up like at all. Take the aries weapons for example. They start out at what... 70? 75? Then increase by 5 then increase all the way to 100. That's awesome, but the gladiator hammer starts at 40, then 45 then 50... that really sucks.
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