Jan 14 2013
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Unplayable Version 2 - Unplayable Harder

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So after my initial rant that was incredibly influenced with near blackout rage, heres other things about the beta that make me want to punt a baby out of a window.



Sucks. I got power smacked by a magic attack that bounced me off of the ground. Heres the funny part though, I was close to the edge, but nowhere near close enough to actually fall off of it AND the direction I was hit in was the opposite of the cliff, yet I bounce off the ground and get sucked off the edge causing instant death. Cool beans.


World items

Make me want to blow the world up just so they dont exist. Since everyone and their mother uses the hammer myself included, I would consider it to be a little OP. Ive been smack dab in the middle of the map with loads and loads of space behind me, get smacked by the hammer and I fly clear across all that space and off the map, yet when I hit people with it they just fly 5 feet away and recover instantly even after charging it up.

It needs to be balanced, you know how your power attacks can get interrupted by a flying speck of dust? Well the same should happen whenever using a world weapon.



I dont quite understand how I can get smashed into the ground and stay there, get hit right after and suddenly be floating enabling whoever is tearing me a new one to chain grapple me over and over again, yet whenever I do a combo on someone they recover instantly, void all of my attacks, and do what I just explained before multiple times killing me instantly.



Either get rid of them, disable friendly fire and just stun them for the duration of the trap, or reduce it to 50% health loss when a team mate gets caught in them. I feel like strangling the idiots who pull the spike lever at the altar when theres only me standing there as a guy rushes me, smacks me into the spikes and i die when there was an enemy standing right next to the teamy who pulled the lever and neither of them fight each other. Very few instances where I am saved by the spikes.



I feel as if it would be a wise move to have only one use for all magic attacks. If you are like me, you realized very quickly that Zeus' relic of harmony can be of fantastic use especially when upgraded to level 3 where only 3 chests are requires for you and the team to gain 50 magic. Your magic bar also persists through death, which at times is very good and others horrible. You can easily chain a combo together with a powerful magic attack. The magic alone takes about a quarter to half the enemys health if upgraded enough, 2 uses of that and you are golden in any fight.



Let me also take the time to say that I understand that this is a beta, but the game drops in 2 months and the beta has already been out for quite some time, So i'm not quite understanding why people are still running into so many issues.


The only thing that would make me actually buy this game day one if I had the funds is the addition of a 1v1 mode which should almost be common sense at this point, and/or a co op/solo horde type mode.

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