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Re: UPDATE: Demo releases 20th Feb for RotW winners. 26th for GP.

Feb 17, 2013

Just--Tank wrote:

Hey guys,


A little surprised at the tone here, but nonetheless, we can understand to a degree.


The God of War: Ascension single-player demo is one of the most highly anticipated demos in recent memory. ANY early access would be a welcome reward to core fans. 


You're getting the single-player demo nearly a full week ahead. That means you'll probably have played through it 3-4 times before anyone else touches it. That's pretty awesome to say the least.


More importantly than the demo reward in Rise of the Warrior are the following:



- the EXCLUSIVE DLC - Champions Hammer, Armor of Typhone, Mercenary Sword, XP rewards - these were made specifically, for free, for those who participate in Rise of the Warrior. You should thank the Gods, this is a prescious gift.


- the story of Rise of the Warrior. When you play Ascension, if you played Rise of the Warrior - the story will give you an "aha" moment. We crafted this story end to end to tie in to the single-player campaign, and I sincerely hope you discover all the connections. Those paying attention will "get it" when The Giver is revealed. The story has 20 chapters, we are 3/4 of the way nearly. We have some big surprises in store for the story as of yet.


- the challenge rewards - we are releasing never before seen concept art from the history of the franchise, treasures of art if you will, and other cool first-look assets.



From early access to the Beta (1-month) to early access to our SP demo (6 days) to free exclusive God of War quality DLC....all for being social with your God of War community, that is pretty awesome.





I'm happy to get to try the demo early but I understand the disappointment of some fans who were left on the wrong side. However any sort of contest has winners an losers.


One thing I would like to comment on is that I did not like the "share" pointload of the event. I understand it makes amazing marketing sense, however it was 1400 points worth that people not into major social networks miss out on. Spreading the word is nice but there could have been a PS activity update instead (like broadcast on Vita for example)


Either way, thank you for the fun ways to get the community involved. I am not much into the multiplayer aspect, but I am looking forward to the single player... (hoping platinum is accessible without MP demands)

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