Apr 10 2013
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Tweak to hazards on Trial of the Gods

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Hi devs,


Can you tweak the hazards in TotG so they aren't immediately fatal to the players?  I understand that these can be avoided by being extremely careful but there have been several times where I was well into the game (Round 4 or 5) and was done in by a hazard to end the match.  The majority of these cases are on the Desert map so this seems like it'd be easy to resolve.  I've been killed by the spikes on the lower area, Polyphenus' fist, and falling to my death due to a gimpy jump while jumping over a pit.


The only other cases I can think of this happening was on Olympus where a Cyclops did a smash move and knocked me off of the edge and on the Hercules level where Hercules' shock wave knocked me off of the edge.


It may seem like a minor gripe but I think it'd help improve the flow of TotG if these were addressed.  Perhaps when a player encounters a hazzard or falls of of the map they are placed back on the map but in a stunned state.  So there'd still be a -15 sec penalty but the game wouldn't end.



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