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Re: Trojans Unite! Solving clues together on twitter!

Oct 28, 2012

FreshRevenge wrote:

hey I just checked it and it is like we are behind like 30,000 points,


Okay so right now the Spartans are at 443,100 and the Trojans are at 414800, so it is at 28,300 difference.


Now if my calculations are correct if 300 points are allowed by one username or one account than there should be 1477 Spartans registered. If you look at the Trojan side than we have 1382 or 1383 users registered. So there looks to be a 100 user account difference? Which doesn't make sense?


if you add  1477 with 1383 that is equal to 2860  users, now if you divide that number of users by 2 since there are two teams, than it should be 1430. So the difference is somewhat off.


The chances that all the Spartans are answering all  three questions and the Trojans are answering 1 to 2 questions is very unlikely. Since there would be a 50/50 variable of both sides not completing the excercises.


So in turn the game is rigged to have more Spartans than Trojans!

There has to be, but the 'average" of the players won't really tell you anything.


I think it's total crap.  They told us it was even...but there's no way it's even.  30k difference?  It was a fighting chance before but now it's just laughable.  I've tried to get as many friends in on this as I could but this is just a joke. 


Don't expect to get the beta early, trojans.  

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