Jan 16 2013
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Treasured Equipment + Classes

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I find it awesome that there is treasure to find in this game; very similar to Uncharted MP. I love being able to find treasures for my character. HOWEVER! I do find it very ridiculous that my Ares Champion has found these treasures and I have played with him for multiple hours AND my level 1 Zues Champion can utilize my Athena Blade that I had taken a while to earn. Such powerful weapons on a low level seems kind of overkill. I think there should be a level minimum on the treasured weapons. LVL 10 or something.

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Re: Treasured Equipment + Classes

Jan 16, 2013

 Agreed, it does take some of the challenge away when you decide to start with a new char and they are already able to wear full sets of armor and use powerful weps.

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