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Re: Treasure of the Gods glitch

Apr 11, 2013
I still need 13 weapon fragments (2 for Cronos Blade and Spear of Hermes, 3 for Hammer of Helios, Barbarian Hammer and Spear of Destiny) and the Griffin lower armor. According to the Labors, I've collected 88 total treasures and opened 888 chests.
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Re: Treasure of the Gods glitch

Apr 21, 2013

I wasn't sure if there is another thread for this, but this is the only thread that links to my problem.

I am level 37 Hades, and yesterday I just FINALLY got the last fragment for the LAST weapon I needed to unlock - the Hammer of Helios. I was so thrilled, because it was a long fricking quest. I had set it up to be used (just because), then I was getting ready to go again. And then my internet crashed on me (got the "You have been signed out of Playstation Network" message). I wasn't worried because I thought I already got the weapon. 


After signing back in, I discovered....THE WEAPON WAS LOCKED AGAIN. **bleep**.

I was so disappointed. But I went ahead and played more in hopes that I can fix it.

I have opened at least 30 TotG chests and nada. Zip. Total emptiness. Nothing.

How do I fix this? Is this a bug I need to report? Glitch?


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