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Re: To the people that complained about the Trial of Archimedes

Apr 9, 2013

DTS-95 wrote:

I have been a fan since the first God of War and have played and beaten all of them and one of my favorite things about them is how difficult some segments of the games can be. Nothing feels better than getting past the one part that is really difficult on any videogame in my opinion. But why would SSM tone it down just because people are complaining. I am by no means the greatest God of War player and the trial was very difficult, but it wasnt that hard. I only played on normal and beat it on my second attempt and what gets me is the people that complain that theyre stuck on this spot for hours and hours on normal and this makes me believe that the people arent using Kratos to his full potential. What aggravates me more is the fact that SSM toned it down because of all the whiners. Its theyre job to make the game difficult and when they do good at it apparently thats wrong. So to the people that complained you should have did one of two things: play on easy or dont play at all.

Blame Adam Sessler. If I can find the video where he's complaining I would post it here.

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