Aug 16 2013
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The strategies of a Runner in "Bout of Honour" and how to counter a Runner

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The observed strategies of a Runner:


1. Run and jump around the arena until your enemies tries to make the first move.


Anything after that depends on who is doing the running, be it jump attacks, specials, moves that cause you to bounce, magic, etc.


2.  If you manage to recover, a Runner will often start running again.


Ways to counter a Runner:


1.  Analyze their moves and techniques, and what weapons and spells they use.  Knowing how an individual player plays is crucial to winning in Bout of Honour.  Not all Runners follow the same patterns.


2.  In the moment of attack is when the Runner is most vulnerable.  Time your own strikes and/or parries to coincide with their attacks.  Dodge if its a special, then prepare your own.   Use the vulnerable period to deal as much damage as possible; a Runner will always start running again once they get back on their feet, putting distance between you and him until you decide to close it.



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