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The World Weapons and what I think of them.(Extended, Please Read)

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Okay so I've been playing the game for a little while both in team and ffa and found that weapons can be super useless or devastating based on what they are, so here are my observations, Im not 100% sure on what everything does, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

The Javelin - A Ranged weapon that when used hucks a spear at an enemy you are facing and when discarded rains down spears on an area.

 - This thing is SUPER BROKSAUCE! You get this in FFA and you can almost always get 2 kills with it.And it spawns super often, the game I just got out of had like 7, no lie.


The Hammer - A giant hammer that when used sends anyone hit flying.When thrown it . . . flys like a dead chicken.

 - I have not found any use in throwing this thing, it seems to do nothing.When used though its great just a big damage swing. I think this weapons thrown effect should get changed.


The Sword - A sword ^.^ When used you just kinda slash around at people, basically an enhanced quick attack. When thrown it does big damage but its pretty inaccurate.

 - I think this weapon is . . . meh. I pretty much always chuck these when I get em, but like I said it is a little bit hard to hit people with them, plus they don't throw for that far.


The Boots - THEY MAKE YOU GO FAST! And when discarded you charge in the direction your facing, I think it knocks people up too but Im not sure....

- IMO these are fine as they are.


The Daggers - They help you get all "Story Mode" on their butts and face roll people.They spawn rarely considering how strong they are. When used you do some Kratos combos and when "thrown" they arent discarded, instead you spin around with them.

 - I think these too are fair, its not impossible to kill someone who picked them up like the spear but its worthy of being the ultimate weapon.



Weapons in general: Im know its been said before but they are spawning too often, and you can really tell in FFA. There should also be a timer so you can see how much longer you have them, like such as a white bar that's a picture of the weapon next to your power attack cooldowns, like maybe every second you lose X amount of the bar and every swing you lose X amount perhaps. Just something to help keep track of how much time you have left to smack people in the face.


Well, that's all I really have to say, anything you know about the weapons I don't would be nice, thanks for reading.



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Re: The World Weapons and what I think of them.(Extended, Please Read)

Jan 12, 2013
Kind hard to read the blue text.

The javelin is fine in my opinion because you can block it easily and you can only throw 3 before you throw another 3.

The other weapons are fine but then again I barely grab them.
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Re: The World Weapons and what I think of them.(Extended, Please Read)

Jan 13, 2013

Some additional Information on the Spear and Hammer.


A thrown hammer deals massive damage, and to my knowledge, and lack there for of.  I don't know what type of damage the items do, Physical or Magical?  Why do they chuck off 70% Health depsite whatever armor I use?  That full Athene set should reduce it at least to 60% but.....nah man, It's a heavy hitter.


Jumping with the Spear removes a majority of it's Drawbacks.  You no longer slide forward every throw as you're in the air. The trade off is Two throws in the air before you land, but those throws, due to a lack of the animation ground throws have, are thrown significantly faster.   It's still toasty if you're hit, but this lets them chuck it at crowds and not slowly draw near.  Grabing 3 to 4 kills is extremely easy.  As it deals massive damage half health targets are your insta kill's and full health are the 2 shots.


I like the weapons and the power they bring however.  The Spear in the Air my only full complaint.  My half compliant in the lack of information given about the stats, which is a given....for now.

If you guys release without providing more information, say a whole Info screen on how each stat works or what weapons do what with what.  I want to know Athene's Blade heals me earlier than having it reach level 3.   

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