Jan 29 2013
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The More Languages (CZ/SK)

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Have you thought about the fact that you create a GoW: Ascension in multiple languages? Don't you think at all.No one they of the dubbing.The original version is a unmistakeable but I prefer subtitles, I'd say they are more than needed, and many players would facilitate orientation.You could create a Czech version? I don't understand why Poland has the advantage of Yes it's also Slavic language but is different and so much work even from PL to CZ subtitles menu it cannot.You help not only to Czechs but too Slovaks brothers! Eventually you can get out Czech version as a free downloadable DLC After the release of the game if you choose to.Ok, thanks for everything...

PS: I'm sorry for my occasional mistakes in text, because yeaaauhh I am Czech!

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