Jun 15 2013
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The 6th Ascension!!

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I have a question that may have already been answered...but didn't find it in the 500 different discussions on the the 6th ascension really necessary?  There are 21 tokens necessary to unlock all the items...but since we only get 4 tokens each time that means the last time we ascend we're only going to unlock 1 item...and lets be honest, its probably set up as the last item we're unlocking for a reason!!  That being said, if someone is willing to ascend all those times, should'nt we be given 5 tokens for the 5th ascension so that we don't have to go through the grueling, monotonous undertaking of getting up to level 40 just to be doing it one more time for one item?!?  ORRRRR is there something extra special in store for ascending the 6th time like a new weapon/armor combo that will only be available to those that ascend 6 times?


If anyone can give a definite answer, I'll greatly appreciate it and lay down my sword to you on the battlefield for a free brutal kill :smileyhappy:

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