Jan 21 2013
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Thank You Santa Monica

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Dear all involved,


I have been a part of this beta since 12:14 am the morning it became available to Rise of the Warrior victors, and I am forever thankful for the chance to test such an achievement from the talented staff of SSM. You have done what I considered impossible, not only bringing incredible multiplayer to a single player franchise, but also in revitalization a multiplayer world choked by useless tacked on experiences and copy-paste cookie cutter first person shooter multiplayer. While I will sincerely miss the beta, I eagerly await the full game to revel in both destroying beasts of legend and joining in on an emotional ride with Kratos, and to become a legend myself in the Arena of the Gods! Thank you again for crafting what looks to be not only the greatest God of War game, but greatest Playstation 3 game of all time.


Your humbled super-fan,

Matthew "DeathDealer300" Rea


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