Jan 22 2013
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Teams for the Color-blind

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I'm posting this on the behalf of my boyfriend because he just isn't a computer guy like me.  Me and him managed to get together on a team battle the other day, and the first thing I noticed was that he kept killing team-mates.  The reason for this is that he is color-blind.  Since then, he's been forced to partake only in the 4-player brawl.


Is there any sort of element which could be added to teams other than color for people with this affliction?  The range of multi-player games he is able to play is so limited because there is usually a red team and blue team, and he cannot tell the difference in color.  Perhaps a little logo floating over the heads or something?

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Re: Teams for the Color-blind

Jan 22, 2013

How exactly is he killing his teammates? He can only do this through traps, if that were the case. Not saying that you're making stuff up, but just don't make stuff up.


Now, I'm sure the game will support colour-blind functionality somewhere in the "Display" settings, if not then it should be under "Gameplay", but I doubt it. A symbol won't cut it, the cameras are too distant and it'd be difficult to remember which symbol is which.


I thought it was Green and Red..?


Anyways, I'm sure they'll incorporate 'something' in the final version.

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