Jan 21 2013
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Stealing Kills / Point Tallying / Button Remapping

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I started as soon as this was available to PS+ members, and I thought this multiplayer was insane, loads of fun, and extremely frustrating. These are my biggest issues.


The thing is, if you have a run of bad luck, you can go an entire match without getting a kill, even though you have essentially been responsible for killing everyone you come across.


Almost everyone is going to have a near even or negative kill ratio, unless they're extremely overpowered compared to the rest of the fighters. And that's fine, but it's to the point where I think Favor should be the main stat and Kills and Deaths should be excluded altogether. A persistent problem with almost all multiplayer since the early days of DOOM was the k/d ratio, which comes with an obsessive component that distracts from what should be the main goals of teamplay and fun, unless of course you're in a Deathmatch. You should remove those stats from team events, because they don't matter. And move Favor to the first position on the far left.


My logic is complicated because you get a number of points for kills...and when you spend entire matches completely emptying people's health bars only for a teammate to run by and tap him for the final hit, or accidentally hit him with a wider area attack while he's fighting someone else, or hit R1 while he's trying to pick up a weapon and instead steal your Brutal Kill, it can be extremely frustrating, especially when now after all that hard work, you get no points, whatsoever.


There should be points for damage done. The hardest thing in this game is to kill someone else, and most of the time that usually comes when you chip someone's health away over time and after a lot of work and dodging. When it's so easy to steal someone's kill, it's kind of ridiculous. I should know, I'm guilty of stealing kills, intentionally. You can strategically hang back if no one is willing to pursue you, and I have a number of times rushed in and used wide explosive attacks on low health opponents after others have brought their health down and are attempting a final blow. I've stolen the last hits, almost with 100% success, it's not often, but it's too often nonetheless.


Smaller issues that may have been resolved or discussed thoroughly:


I've noticed sometimes when on the 8 player map, on the wooden bridges, sometimes someone on the bridge can R1 grab someone standing just at the edge of the bridge over and over again even though they aren't jumping or running. Is there a slight height difference that is confused for being airborn? Odd.


It's very easy to corner someone and make it impossible for them to fight back.


Matchmaking still needs some help, you can sit there for a long time and not go anywhere. And what has made this worse for me? Getting excited that the match is finally starting, and bumping the overly sensitive R2/L2 bumpers and causing the wrong god to be chosen for the match. That is the wrong way to switch gods.


I felt I should add, we have the privelege of being the first people to experience the future of competitive fighters. If developers out there don't recognize this and advance the genre beyond the 2D sidescrolling / cutscene fighters of SF & MK, then that would be a great loss for gaming. I don't see how anyone would go back to SF/MK style fighters after this, except for nostalgia value. GoW MP is that entertaining. This form of multiplayer is so well implemented over all, that it seems like it should have been a no-brainer for this style of multiplayer to exist for ages, but, where has it been all these years?


Excellent job Santa Monica.

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