Jan 12 2013
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Some glitches i experienced

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well i experienced some gliches in the beta and they are:

-the leggings armor,a part of it at the thighs disappear and a part of his thigh is shown 

-the game  freezez at times when i search for a match

-my weapon enters through my body which is quite weird(not in combat while getting ready)

-when launching an oppenent it needs a bit of time for him to be in the air 

-sometimes when doing an execution his body disappears and is  inside the ground

oh and please fix the search feature at times i see a lot of players in the lobby and they disappear in an instant then appear again

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First Son
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Re: Some glitches i experienced

Jan 14, 2013

I've noticed the same problem when searching for a match. For some reason, if I go into weapon selection (or armor and etc...) it'll go away. Then when I back out again, all the names appear again. Sometimes the names just dissappear without me doing anything, but they eventually show up again.


Another thing I noticed a few times is random taunts during matches. One time it happened while running, and another time it happened to me while trying to use magic.

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Re: Some glitches i experienced

Jan 14, 2013

- Lobby disbands even if 1 or 2 people are still trying to be "found" (This is annoying, since the game will just regroup everyone together again). The worst I've seen was the repeated regrouping of the same people, which happened 3 times. 1 or 2 people would be swapped with other players, which could've gotten a match going in a previous lobby.

- Armor sets have separate animations on the killed player as compared to the body when performing "Brutal Kills". The sleeves of the armor set will be up in the air, while the model's actual arms are lower and protruding out of the sleeves. Sometimes the upper armor DOES disappear, which I am not sure is supposed to happen or not (arm/leg/ armor also disappears SOMETIMES, along with the helmet on certain "Brutal Kill" animations).


DESERT OF LOST SOULS: The ledge on the Spike Trap (middle of the map, to the LEFT of the Health Vent) is glitched. When hanging off of it, players can only press "Triangle" to pull themselves up,  resulting in a power hit. "X" should be the button to pull yourself up. I've seen many players die because of this.


- Homerun Hammer (world weapon Hammer) can be spammed on an enemy player that is against a wall, and there is nothing they can do about it; resulting in death and cheapness. I guess this is more of a balance issue.


- As you mentioned, relics/items/magic continuously display a " ! " (exclamation mark) even when they've been looked at and cannot be upgraded due to character level/other scenarios.


- While in the "Champion" section, sometimes the currently equipped weapon will be placed on the characters back, which displays weird graphical bugs. The sword/hammer will shortly disappear afterwards.


- While fighting 2 enemies (even more, this is just an example), proceed to hit one enemy in the air while the other is on the ground. The "Grapple" notification will appear on the airborne player, but when pressing "R1" to grab the opponent, the chain will usually fly towards to grounded opponent. This results in lost opportunities and stuns, since you will be punished for attempting a "Grapple" on the grounded opponent. Make the game recognize the airborne opponent. Again, this isn't really a glitch, just a suggestion/logical fix.


- DESERT OF LOST SOULS: Within the bottom portion of the map, there are 4 ways to get to the upper portion.. The green chain grab, blue portal, and the 2 buildings on opposite ends which can be climbed. These 2 buildings NEED ATTENTION. They are a safe zone, especially when in the middle area of the wall. If an opponent is on the wall, they CANNOT be hit. Climbing the wall with them and then "hitting them" results in you falling, as well as the enemy, which is not very logical since the enemy is usually ABOVE you and had the head start. This is a very serious problem, as I've experienced Flag bearing players (Capture the Flag) waiting on these buildings and not moving until their Team's Flag has returned.  Allow players to punch/kick in the Up, Down, Right and Left directions so that this does not happen. This should result in the enemy falling to the ground. Too often, players will rapidly sprint to these walls. In the early process of climbing, maybe allow players to also "Grapple" (R1) enemies to prevent them from cowardly gaining invincibility while clinging onto these walls.



This is all I can think of at the moment...


     As for a side note, a Damage Inflicted system should be implemented. Damage done on enemies should be put towards your score, and even more points if you also get the kill. This will help the frustration with stolen kills, because most of the points went to 'you' and very little points went towards the disrespectful teammate who got the ONE death dealing blow. This also helps the usefulness of distractions. When fighting 2 or more enemies, the lone player gains NO score even if they completely drained both of their health. This needs to be thought through.
     This type of score system has been mentioned by a few people on this Forum, and it is a brillant idea for God of War: Ascensions MP. If points are being rapidly accumulated due to this new Damage Inflicted score system, then it will result in VERY short matches. This can be solved by raising the Score Goal. Testing is obviously needed if this were to be to be added, so that lengthy or short matches can be avoided.

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