Jan 13 2013
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Some Creative Suggestions

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First off, I absolutely love what was done to make the maps more dynamic. Even though there are only two maps within the beta, the inclusion of the cyclops, Herakles, traps, items, chests, etc. adds substantial replay value. Nevertheless, my first suggestion pertains to another map dynamic which might be interesting to implement.


Moveable objects:

I’m sure the following concept can be applied to a multitude of highly imaginative scenarios. However, I willonly show it in its simplest form.


-- A mini-event on some maps features a moveable object becoming accessible to players.--


For example:

A scaffold supporting a block of marble collapses and sends the object hurtling into the arena.


Players can then approach this object and hold the interact (R1) button to grab and slowly move it by using the left analog stick. Only one player may interact with this object at any given time and it will need to be pushed along a set path in order to reach a particular goal. Furthermore, when this goal is reached, the object will fall into a slot, become immobile and…


1)      Activate a mechanism which opens a nearby door.

2)      Allow players to jump onto it and reach a nearby ledge.

3)      More possibilities…


However, access to this object will be highly contested between both teams as players will continually fight over the right to push this object towards the goal and reap its reward upon completion.



- I recommend that the reward be team-based as it will not be fair if one player pushes the object most of the way while another teammate takes the reward at the end. However, if the other team snatches the reward…too bad haha!

- I also recommend that it’s done in the form of a linear puzzle which only allows the object to be pushed along the constraints of a set path. This might prevent bugs, exploits, and less than coherent players who will push it in the wrong direction.


I think this could be a fun and believable addition to multiplayer!



I also have another suggestion, although I don’t think it could be implemented at this stage of development. Plus, it would be a nightmare to balance at this point...


Nevertheless, I always liked the many combos in the God of War series and would’ve liked to see them featured in some way within the multiplayer.


Equippable Combos:

Combos are unlocked by performing feats related to a particular weapon type (Sword/Hammer/Spear?). Once unlocked, these combos can be chosen within the weapons menu after choosing which weapon type will be used. Only one can be equipped! Furthermore, these combos could've been based off a legendary hero or mythological character. For example:


Flight of Icarus (Sword): Square, Square, L1+CrossCircle

Odysseus’ Guile (Spear): Triangle, Square, Circle, L1+Triangle



It would’ve been cool, but I think the multiplayer is very well balanced as it is! Good job!

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