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Re: So this is our rewards...

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May 30, 2013

Armor of Achilles =Warrior Armor reskin
Armor of Perseus/Armor of Orion (-1%EP) = Sage's Armor reskins
Armor of Odysseus/Armor of Typhon/Armor of Leonidas = Gladiator Armor reskins
Armor of Callisto = Griffin Armor reskin
Chaos Armor = Armor of Medusa reskin
Champion's Armor = Warrior Helmet/Lower Armor & Sage's Upper Armor reskins
Chimeran Armor = Original
Blade of Judgment/Mercenary Sword/Champion's Blade = Gladiator Sword reskins
Blade of Artemis = Original
Blade of Thanatos = Original
Mjolnir/Champion's Hammer = Gladiator Hammer reskins
Hammer of Atlas = Original
Hammer of Hephaestus = Original
Spear of Leonidas = Gladiator Spear reskin
Hyperion Spear = Original
Spear of Phobos = Original

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