Apr 08 2013
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Skill Points

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I've read in some posts there are just enough skill points to max out everything but I've got my warriors at level 21 now, they've got 3 points unused and I should have 27 more coming by the time I reach level 30. By my calculations, I'd need about 50 points to max everything (I have everything at level 2 except for 1 relic each). Are my calculations off? If not, can I reset my points somehow so I can spend them differently (without deleting data and reverting back to level 1)?



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Re: Skill Points

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Apr 8, 2013

I have all 4 gods at 30. Each have exactly the right amount of skills points gained to max everything.  Also you can't reset your points at all, maybe look up some builds that people use at 30 so you can get the better unlocks first.

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