Jun 08 2013
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Quick Question regarding Champions Pack (EU)

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Hey there Smiley Happy



Just bought me the Champions pack due to 3 reasons:


1) the Gladiator Hammer is fugly


2) the other stuff looks awesome (though I doubt I will use the armour)


3) the XP boost



My question concerns point 3: I was thinking I'll get a code to activate it but I didn't; yet, now I earn 25% more XP, although this could be the bonus for completing the single player I haven't gotten yet magically appearing as I buy the bundle...

Problem is I've maxed out everything and wanted to use the bundle boost after the Prestige patch hit, but the information in the bundle is so scarce... it neither says how big the boost is nor if it's automatically activated or not.


IF the 25% are the bundle boost, I just whiffed it, w/e, but then there would be the question when I'm to receive the single player boost? I obviously don't care about that one ATM, but once I have to level up to 40 twice more having to play 20% less to grind is actually quite decent TBH.



Thanks for helping me out in advance Smiley Very Happy

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