Jan 24 2013
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Please add to Match / lobby system

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Hello all,


Like most of the people here, I had a blast with the multiplayer beta. Really fun game you have created Santa Monica Studio.

I have been reading around the forum for a few days now. When reading around on the forum, I have seen that the most common issue everybody is complaining about is lag in the game. Man Frustrated


I hope that Santa Monica can add the following to reduce this problem and some other things for the lobby.


More lobby system options:


  •  Ability to select regions for the Lobby System (example: Europe, USA, middle east etc.). This will reduce lag problems with the game. If this is selectable the match making system has only to look at the region you selected. And the connection within this region. Which will result in much better games, with better connections. For me, I don't want to play with people in the USA, because it's not in my region. Or a system that is in the game Payday: The Heist will also do. Where you had the options to select connections, close and far.
  • Ability to see peoples connections.
  • Microphone mute option in the lobby
  • People ranks should be seen in the lobby.
  •  With people ranks seen. The lobby system should search for better matches. Better would be to search for people around the same rank. Example of match ups, ranks 1-5, 6-10 and so on. This will give a more balanced gameplay, for new players and hardcore. But make this an option you can turn off for people who would like to play with random ranks.

These are the things I could think of for the lobby system. There are more post about this. But the more the better. Man Happy

What would you like to see added to the lobby system?


I still hope these things can still be added to the game before the game launch.

Thank you for reading Santa Monica Studio's. I hope you will continue to support the game. See you around. 


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