Jan 11 2013
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Physical perks?

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Why is all the perks yu can get all for magic power there is no pure melee perks. And I like to play the gladiator but then i end up getting a bunch of spec type perks cause none of them go with physical power just magic. Mages are gay let the D&D ppl play those classes GIVE ME SOME MELEE Perks please =)


Btw also still just letting yu know the lvl 20 req upgrade 3 under magic for zeus Reckoning of zeus will not work i am lvl 30 and it wont let me unlock it all others unlocked but not this one. Please take note so can fix =)


one last thin i was wonder on the FFA is it me or is it buggged at end i have seen multiple times now the player that is leading wins sometimes even on a death. Not sure how they get point on death maybe i am tripping but i am pretty sure it has happend a few times atleast.



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Re: Physical perks?

Jan 19, 2013

same problem, i cannot upgrade 'Reckoning of Zeus' to rank III

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