Apr 08 2014
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Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

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Hello developers and community managers at SSM.


This is an official request to fix the most annoying glitches and bugs that seriously affect the multiplayer experience. There is a lot more to say, but this is not the thread to talk about.




the customers, the fans and the people who eagerly waited for this game to be released since its announcement, require a solution for the most notable and annoying glitches that are still affecting the multiplayer experience for the players around the world. Assuming that you already know them, I will name it as the community know them better. This is a brief list for the issues that must be taken as a priority:


1. Lag.

2. Ground grapple resets.

3. "Superman grapple glitch".


I am confident that you will read this thread and take care of it. Please don't disappoint us.


GoW Community, please keep this thread clean and serious. If you have any other glitch, please feel free to add it to the list.


Things that NOT must be added yet:


1. Balance updates

2. Maps requests

3. Weapons fix / adjustments


Thanks all for your attention.

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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

Apr 8, 2014

Indeed, please take care of these, this game has more potential, but due to the lack of support and abondonment on your end SSM I personally am about to give up on this game, I bought the PS3 specifically for this game and am feeling let down..............


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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

Apr 9, 2014
Something really needs to be done about resets. Implementing i-frames after ground grapple is an easy fix.
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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

Apr 9, 2014

It would be really nice to see some support for this game. It is an amazing Multiplayer however it suffers from several key issues that really hold it back.

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Lag is OP. NERF it!
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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

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Apr 9, 2014

Gauntlets should not recover instantly from Items/Rage.  This happens even in Training Mode.  


Sword air grapples are supposed to be directional throws.  It works this way in Training Mode, but online you cannot choose the direction where you want to throw them.


Juggle height increased back to where it was before it was nerfed for Gauntlets.


Jump O should have a stumbling animation similar to Sprint+O when blocked.


I-frames should work as intended.  


Magic/Item breaks are lag related.  Not sure what can be done about that.


Superman glitch happens with no lag.  Not sure if they have an answer for that one.


Jump O should not be unblockable when trying to jumpblock it on reaction.  There are various other ways of making Jump O unblockable as well.


Jump S with hammers should not be active upon canceling with block.  This move can essentially hit people without even seeing it come out.  Completely broken.


Improve air to ground combos so they work as intended.  (Note: Not for bounce state combos. Those work as intended already)


Increase hitbox for Square so that they Anti-Air.


Remove ability for Jump T with swords to be cancellable on block with Jump O.


I'm sure theres others, but i can't remember them all.


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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

Apr 9, 2014
I like the ideas drums and check
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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

Apr 9, 2014
agreed bro
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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

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Apr 9, 2014

After beating Hercules on Trial of gods (hercules forum) on round 3 the game bugs and it won't go to next round.

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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

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Apr 9, 2014
1)I'm a favor of new balance updates.

2) Godly Gauntlets costing ascension tokens ( which would not be a big deal )

3) FIX the ares olympus armors armor negative stats

4) balance the Olympus Armor of Zeus...balance on what ? So Zeus never had physical resist,the current stats now is 15+ PP 8+ on each resist, in my opinion in the new balance update they can reduce de physical power and put the more 4% on 2 resistences...why this on Zeus ? Because Hades have the best of Olympus armor,so why not Zeus have a some resistance too ?

5) Put it back the 4% in elemental resist in Olympus armor of Poseidon and 2% in elemental power !

6 about the infiniti grapples this need a nerf NOW ! Also the war hammer of noobs ( Olympus ) from he need a nerf on L1 triangule,why ? Because the most players put this hammer of fist of ares in whirlpool of Alecto and this is annoying ! And in my opinion the SSM need to created a new moves from this hammer,because the only thing he serves is L1 triangule,nothing more,so a weapon of Olympus, I think he need to be awesome and amazing,thing the hammer of olympus it's not !

7) Fix the glitchers on bout of honor and other modes in the game,especially there is a glitcher and bout or honor allowing on the corner to do infinite combos !

8) fix the map whirlpool of Alecto,put them plan,no variation on the ground...just make them plan,it's will help a lot !

9) so no more DLC right ? In this case why not created a different modes on the game because playing the same thing all the time is starting to get boring. New modes how ? Exemple ( some ideas ) Team favor of the gods 3x3 ! Capture the flag 2x2 !

10) Lately a lot of players quit the game,so depends of the map,why not put some challenge in this case ? Example forum of Hercules the other team quit...let's fight against Hercules like a trial of the gods,coliseum of Persia when the other team quit, put the Spartans and the champion of Olympus to play against the team which remained !

11) no more maps right ? So why not put the oracles chamber in trial of the gods and the final round the fight could be against the Pollux and Castor ? It will be awesome !

So guys this is some ideas,I know the nothing of what I wrote will be attended by ssm!
But I have to try,maybe others players could may encourage ! Or not !
So thank you very much and have a nice game all of you !
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Re: Official request to fix GoW: Ascension Multiplayer

Apr 9, 2014

I agree with kalelluiz5 in this point :


The War Hammer of Nerds. SSM should really change it's special moves. In L1+S the Hammer will throw a blast of Fire that will burn enemies just like Hammer of Helios that marks you. And L1+T should reduce the distance of throing the opponents MASSIVELY and/or if the move is executed in mid air (wich everybody do) it will be cancellable by enemy attacks.!


Jumpslice should be replaced with a heavy sword attack that end up in the ground. (For exaple like Sword of Poseidon that powers up with the ICE, you know the uppercut and then the ground slam. Exactly like that.




Oh and in Bout of Honor, there is a map where you can be rang out.  PUT SOME BOUNDS.


What i dissagree :


Olympus Armor of Ares is good as it is. The cost of great power comes with the lack of the physical defence. You don't wanna make it OP.


Fight Pollux and Caster? People alaredy hate the Olympus Guardian in Rotunda of Olympus. All it do is interfiere with players and rings you out -_- . We want to fight players not Olympus Enemies.


Godly Gauntlets? Please. You want to make Poseidon with INFINITY HEALTH?


Thank you for your time.

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