Jan 13 2013
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New Mode: Honor of The Gods

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At Attention Spartans And Trojans!


The Gods Have Spoken, And A New Multiplayer Mode Has Been Granted. (An Idea Only)


This New Mode Consist Of A 4v4. Each Team Having 1 Aligned Respected God (Team 1: Ares, Zeus, Poseiden, Hades) v. (Team 2: Zeus, Ares, Hades, Poseiden.)


The 4 Gods Are Present In The Background In This New Map, They See Everything. But Are Also Active Participants When A Warrior Of Their Allegiance Does An Honorable Action Such As; A 5x Killstreak, 5x Parry Block, Or An Objective Leader In A Match (2500 Favor).


However This New Map Has 4 'Areas' Each To A Specific God. For Example: A Zeus Area In The Map Would Favor A Zeus Warrior Offensive Magic Ability Against A Non-Aligned Zeus Warrior Of The Other Team, Thus An Honor To The God Of That Area Of The Map. Another Example Would Be An Ares Area That Would Enhance An Ares Warrior Physical Attack Ability Againt A Non-Ares Warrior Etc


The Gods Would Each Attack A Non-Align Warrior When 'Activated' By That Align Warrior (As Goldhawk1 Pointed Out, This Attack Of The Gods Would Be Activated When That Align Warrior Taunts In That Specific Area After Completing An Honorable Action In Combat.) For Example: A Zeus Attack Would Consist Of A Bolt Of Lightning That Would Paralyze And/Or Kill A Non-Zeus Align Warrior. An Ares Attack Would Consist Of A Meteor Of Fire That Would Burn And/Or Kill A Non-Aligned Ares Warrior Etc.


By Having Each Team Consist Of 1 Type Of God Each, The Gods Would See If Warrior A (Input Allegiance) Of Team 1 Is Worthy, Or If Warrior B (Same Allegiance As Warrior A) Of Team 2 Has The Makings Of A God. This Would Allow The Gods To Honor That Specific Warrior Of Their Alignment With Enhancements, Such As Specific Magic, Armor, Weapon Upgrades Only Found In This 'Honor The Gods' Mode.


Now The Warrior That Lost The Match Would Have A Final Outlook Granted By That Specific God (Mercy Of The Gods)  To Prove Himself On Behalf Of His Defeat Of A Greater Warrior Of The Same Alignment. The Warrior That Did Not Honor His God Would Be Granted A 1 Time Upgrade Specific To His Alignment. To Prove His Worthy In The Eyes Of His God Against The Warrior With The Honor, If He Triumphs Over His Counter Part He Is Given The Honor To Hold His Alignment And Fight In The Name Of His God Against Non-Aligned Gods.




This Would Ultimately Lead To A Battle Of The Four Gods With The Very Best Warrior Of Each Alignment Going All Out To Prove His Aligned Gods Supremacy Over All The Others (The Makings of A God Mode.) Think Of It As The Olympics, The Very Best Train To Compete At Full Capacity Against Others Of Equal Or Greater Ability. This As You Guessed It, Would Take Place In No Other Location But The Peak Of Mount Olympus For All Of The Entertainment Of The Gods Present. 


The Victor Would Take Place In Greek History As A Warrior Given Honor Among Gods & Given A Place Among The Specific God They Aligned To. For Example: A Hades Aligned Warrior Who Was Victor In The Makings of A God Mode Would Be Granted By The God Hades A Permanent Ability Of Their Specific Element, Such As The Power To Possess Souls Of Their Foes.




In The Center Of This 'Areas' Map Would Be A Octagon Elevated Platform Made Of White Marble . A Lever Would Be Place There For Both Teams By The Gods, To See Whether The Superior Team Would 'Activate' It By Pulling The Lever For 30 Seconds. Thus, This Would Enable An Enormous Amount Of Team-Work Effort By The Warriors To Guard The Teammate Using All Of His Might, In Pulling The Lever Down To 'Activate' A Godly Intervention Of Favorable Consideration. 


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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013

Oooooh. Quite interested Smiley Very Happy

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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013

Kudos brothaman kudos. This makes me want to be da best champ for my alignment. Great idea

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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013

Kudos indeedy man. Good idea Smiley Very Happy

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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013
Just wow
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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013

Cool idea. Just wondering though, if the arena has 4 areas each of which is specific to 1 of the 4 gods, wouldn't that influence players to stay within the area aligned to their god and just wait for others to come to that area? For example, the Ares aligned player staying in just the Ares aligned area so they have the advantage, rather than losing the edge by going to the other areas.


Just contributing to the discussion; this is not meant to be disrespectful of new suggestions.

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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013

what i think is if anything it would be switched at random. like after 1 minute then on to the next and if you do not switch then either you fall and go to a one hit K.O kind of state or being shunned by that god because you showed you are weak for staying behind and maybe take everything but regular square, triangle, and circle moves. i dont know maybe something towards and its a great idea so it would be cool no doubt.

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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

Jan 13, 2013

I know this will probably sound completely lame but what about something like this?


If you get a 3x killstreak or a 5x killstreak then you win your God's "Favor" and they bless you with a special attack where Ares can throw down meteors but you can call them from anywhere and target where you want them to land provided you have the camera angle. Same for Zeus, although his blessing would be a different attack with a different effect. OR, I think it would be cool if your God gave you the powers of a Demi-God specific to their element or whatever but actually gave you cool attacks and possibly a more powerful and special God like weapon.

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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

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Jan 13, 2013

I think this is a great idea. But what has been pointed out already?...about the 4 God Areas arround the map? How about the player with the Most kills has the entire Map as their God's theme?

For Example: Lets say i'm with Hades. I have 10 Kills and the most kills in fact, then the map turns purple-ish and i have the advantage. Lets say a Zeus player comes and kills me...He would take all my kills and and my score would reset to 0 and have the Arena be a Zeus theme. Now the only way to get my score back is to kill that Zeus player who has the Stage OR try to get more kills then he does before the time Runs out.

                                                     Kudos my friend


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Re: New Mode: Honor of The Gods

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Jan 13, 2013

If I may, I would like to add some adjustments to the idea.


Instead of Areas there could be map hazards much like the other maps.  When thinking about parts of the map where one class does better, each class will want to just stick to the area where their class is best and wouldn't see very much fighting beyond the two warriors from the same class, and it would be a pretty even fight because both warriors would get the same buffs.  


Instead what I was thinking was a huge colleseum type map with the god statues sitting on thrones in the background.  The appearance of the arena would be much like that of the olympus but the appearance obviously geared more towards combat than presentation.  Anyway, every once in a while the camera would tilt up and point to a god and that statues eyes would glow and that class would have a buff for a small period of time.  


Whenever a player would gain a combat based accolade (kill streaks, brutal kills, etc), you can tuant as to show your god you take pride in his alliance and the statue of the class will glow and bestow either a buff to that warrior or minor damage to the enemy team.  Say you got a brutal kill and you push UP.  Ares statue would glow and you would get like a minor speed boost or some damage for 10-20 seconds.  Say later you get a  3 or 5 kill streak and you taunt.  Ares statue would glow and the floor of the entire arena would start on fire causing the enemy team to get stuck with a DoT.  Zeus would make lightning rain down from the sky...and Hades/poseidon would be easier to create ideas for if we knew how they played.  


Much like you said about the god aligned character on one team vs the same god aligned character on the otehr team, if the "losing" aligned character wishes to activate the perks they have to first kill the other character aligned to the same god who has gotten multiple perks to make the god he's aligned to to feel him worthy of using his abilities.


Ares rewards - 


Brutal kill - 25% strength for 20 seconds


Trap kill - Heal 25% over time.  


3x kill streak - 25% strength for 20 seconds and gain 10 health


5x kill streak - Gain 15 health, short fire DoT to all enemies


10X kill streak - Gain 20 health, 25% streangth for 20 seconds, and apply a longer lasting DoT to all enemies


15x kill streak - Add a ring of fire around character applying a long lasting Dot ring lasts 20 seconds, 25% strength for 30 seconds, gain 25 health, Ares grants special magic (spider leg attack from god of war 1) until death


20x kill streak - 30% strength until death, ring of fire around player, Ares throws down a godly weapon.


Perfect match - Next match start off with a 10% strength bonus until death 


Zeus rewards - 


Brutal kill - increased magic damage for 20 seconds.  


Trap kill - decrease cooldown for entire team by 5 seconds.  


3x kill streak - Gain 50 magic over 10 seconds. 


5x kill streak - Gain 50 magic over 10 seconds and silence all enemies for 10 seconds


10x kill streak - Zeus makes it rain lightning down from the skies dealing small magic damage to all enemies and silencing them for 10 seconds.


15x kill streak - Zeus makes it rain again, dealing medium magic damage to all enemies and gives user a small lightning sheild around the character that absorbs 50 physical or 50 magic damage (meaning, if you hit 25 physical damage and then 25 magic damage it's destroyed) 


20x kill streak - Zeus Grants his infamous lightning bolt attack as a spell until death.  Bolt would take 100 MP (2 bars, much like other magics in the game) and once thrown it sticks to an enemy and makes them lose control of their character, for 2 seconds it has a vaccuum effect like the Zeus hammer L1 + triangle and sucks in players.  The closer you are to the person who is stuck the higher damage it does.  If you kill more than one player at once with this spell, taunt for Zeus to grant you 50 magic.  If you kill an entire team press up for 100 magic.  After 2 seconds the spell will detonate.  


Pefect game - Spawn with 50 extra magic. 


Essentially this game mode should be a bit longer than the others as most matches seem to go by pretty fast.  




Another idea by Metl and I


Whoever is in first place will have the map change according to their alliance.  It wouldn't necessarily buff them because it would kind of be OP...if they're good and killing everyone and have god buffs plus the map buffs them too it'll pretty much just be them being all powerful and no one killing them.  


Anyway, whoever is in first place will have the map change according to their god alliance.  The statue in the back would either glow or move to a certain position like have a hand held out over the top of the arena and it would change according to that gods power.  


Hades would make it dark and spooky, poseidon would have pools of water everywhere and be all sea like, Ares would have stuff burning  with lots of fire everywhere, and Zeus would have more of a divine look to his map, with white marble everywhere or with lightning covering the map.  

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