Dec 19 2012
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My general feedback on the GOWA Beta

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I am a huge GoW fan, and I love every game in the series that has been released, having beat each one countless times. I was so excited when i first heard that Ascension was going to have multiplayer, and i am so excited to get to partake in the beta and give feedback.


Highlights of the beta for me are:

  • I love the arenas, and how both that are available have AI that interact with you, and i hope that the others in the final release will as well.
  • I love finally being able to customize my own GoW character!!!!
  • The MP gameplay is action packed and fast paced, and the combos have a nice sense of brutality to them
  • It still feels like GoW, but something new and refreshing at the same time

Some small tips/things i would like to see

(some of these may already be included in the final release, just things i am hoping for)

  • I would like to be able to customize my warrior more deeply (hair, facial hair, tattoos, scars, etc.)
  • Have stat boosts come primarily from leveling up, giving armor only minor effects on stats, so that players can equip armor/weapons that they think look cool, without being at a disadvantage.
  • Give each weapon a wider move set. (multiple L1+square attacks, but the player can only equip one at a time. and so on with L1+triangle.) There are some weapons i like, but they will have a move that i am not good with. this could prevent that problem for players, as well as add variety to the battlefield.
  • Maybe a survival mode, where players are on one team and are given waves of AI enemies, with ascending difficulty (pun intended)

I will close with saying that even if no changes are made, i still cannot wait to get the full content of GoW MP and keep up the great work!

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