Jan 14 2013
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My feedback

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I'm really enjoying the game, it is very entertaining Smiley Happy
Until now I only found two issues:


-When i was playing Favor of the gods, another player brutally killed me, and my player stayed laying on the ground for the rest of the match, I could not move, other players tried to attack me when I was on the floor but nothing happened either.
-Another time when i was playing in the Desert of Lost Souls, Polyphemus freezes in the background.


Sometimes I have trouble finding players, when I am going to play, all players disappear and the search begins again.

But the game is really funny, keep it up Smiley Happy

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Re: My feedback

Jan 14, 2013

Yeah, sometimes is annoying when u waited for a long time and finally u see it is counting 20 secs to start the match and when it is 1 - 2 secs left, some players disappeared and u need to wait for a long long time again lol

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