Jan 23 2013
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My Review for the Beta! Late but sorry.

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Personally I think the mutiplayer is great so far!!!! I love how it differs from other styles of online gameplay and how its like going against another kratos or sometimes 8 kratoses. Some of ideas I thought of were; If you pick a God then the God gives you that specific weapon that's only for the God you chose. As to say Zeus gives you a hammer, Ares gives you a sword, Hades gives you dual swords, and Poseidon gives you a spear. But you also can to unlock better and more types of the weapon given. (also it doesn't have to be the weapons that I said). My second idea was that there should be a 1 vs. 1 mode, I know that Santa Monica Studios probability already thought of this, but I just wanted to say it. It would be awesome to fight head up with your rivals. Also being able to join in parties with your friends  would be great! This game has a potential to be amazing !! Good luck and Thanks for the Beta! Ill see if I can come up with more ideas to share! iKidwonder signing off!

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