Jan 22 2013
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My Final Thoughts...

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As a GOW veteran I’m super excited about this game and would have loved it (and pre-ordered) without the MP, but after playing the beta, I have to say it seems really fun and worthwhile.  I played this casually, didn’t sit playing hours upon hours every night but I ended up a lvl 23 Ares, so I think I played it enough to give some accurate feedback.  Here’s a few thoughts of mine for the team…


1)      LAG.  At first everything seemed great, played smooth.  The past few weeks, wow, it was crawling.  I’m hitting 15mbps, every other PS game I play runs like butter, but this beta was struggling to say the least.  Before any other comment or consideration is taken into account, this should be the number 1 concern of the developers.  Let’s get this fixed for day 1, nothing worse than doing a combo only to see your guy skipping animations and warping around the screen due to lag.  I’m sure they don’t need me to tell them that, but it’s priority so I have to say it.

2)      Online Training.  The basic training is weak at best.  I’m hoping to see a training that I can invite a friend to and us fight and share techniques.  Obviously no XP or bonuses can be gained, just give us a simple (maybe customizable) venue where me and a friend or two can get together to actually train and make each other better.  Something simple like this could actually go a long way for those who are open to sharing techniques with friends.

3)      1 VS 1.  I’ve seen others speak of this, and personally I think it’s a great idea.  Last night, in my final game, I was playing FOTG and a guy named “deadlyhippie360” and myself were left and we fought to the death, just us, and it was awesome.  I’ve had a few experiences like this, where everyone else leaves, and it can actually be really fun and entertaining.  A mode that would incorporate this with a special venue could be lots of fun.

4)      Friend/Clan system.  I’m sure it’ll be there come March 12th, but IMO I think it’s important to team up with friends just as in any other big time online game.  Clan tags, team names, etc… whatever you wanna call it, as long as I can be on a team of like-minded fighters and work towards a goal together I’ll be happy. 

That’s about it, pretty much anything else that comes to mind has already been hammered to death in the forums.  Overall, I think this has a chance to be really good.  It needs some tweaking, but that’s what beta is for, so I’m not passing judgment on anything as of yet.  I’m looking forward to the additions to customizing your warrior, new Gods, arenas, etc…  Keep fighting the good fight Santa Monica, all your hard work and sacrifice will soon make many, many, gamers very, very, happy lol.  C’mon March 12th!


PS – One last thing.  Last night I killed the Cyclops with the Spear, and while it showed me standing there looking all cool and what not starring at the screen as it ended, it did not display my name in big bold letters…  People needed to know that was me lol.  Maybe throw that in just for fun before launch day. 

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