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Re: More multiplayer freezing past 3 days

Sep 20, 2013
Despite the frequent crashes and freezes my perseverance finally paid off today only to be f****d in the **bleep** big time. I somehow managed to reach level 40 and now i realized that the freakin game wont let me enter the training area in olympus and just hangs the ps3 at the loading screen!!!! Also after the recent update I can only play a few maps and the remaining maps just crash at the loading screen. I think this is the **bleep**tiest multiplayer of all times and the creators dont give a rats **bleep** despite so many users facing the crashing issues. Highly disappointed since I cant bloody gain any ascension points as training area is out of bounds. I also have a ps3 slim and it seems this issue is more prone to a slim system than the normal one. Anyways lemme know in case some one has got a solution after 10 years coz the creators are jackarses and we cant really expect them to do anything to rectify this. Oh and by the way the PS3 is fine otherwise since i can play every other game without any glitches. Was a hardcore GOW fan but ascension managed to make me hate the very thing i loved.
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