Jun 08 2013
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Make Olympus training less of a hassle?

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Question for the game developers/ employees:
Is there any way to create a system to change out different weapons during sparring? Example: I could spar with the champions hammer and switch to a spear or sword without having to leave Olympus and go through all of the load screens and such. It would be nice to switch weapons after every match with the Olympus champion/ sparring partner. Not talking about being able to do this any place except for Olympus training. It's just kind of a pain in the a** to have to leave and come back just for training. Thank you for your time.
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Re: Make Olympus training less of a hassle?

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Jun 8, 2013

I've been using the tutorial rather than sparring.  Unlimited Health and the CPU doesn't fight back/moves with you towards the corner.


Preferably "Use Magic" and "Use World Weapon"  training for reset purposes Smiley Happy


But i agree it would be nice to see the training mode updated.


Few other glitches are:


Camera bug - Sometimes you can accidently kill a Champion and leave him laying there.  This forces the camera to zoom farther away.


Killing 2 Champions - Same as the camera bug, but upon killing the 2nd one and leaving him laying there, you are unable to leave Olympus.  Must exit out through Select menu.


Recovery on Heavy is delayed - Unable to combo after a Heavy unless its done in sparring.



There are other bugs which i will showcase soon.


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