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Re: Kratos has commitment issues.

Feb 15, 2013

At the begining of GOW 2 he lost most and  then all of his powers because  he lost some from zeus then he drained the rest into the BoO.

On the 3rd one he lost all of the 2 games powers in the River Stix.

CoO has been mentioned and I cant recall GoS but since it was while he was a god I would assume he lost them in GOW 2 also.

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Re: Kratos has commitment issues.

Feb 15, 2013
Silver: >all new
Blades. Subs tend to have plenty of similarities. Magic even more so.

His **bleep** (obviously).

>why not
This is before the others (for starters). As for why they don't port stuff from GoWIII and make it work as DLC for GoW:A...that's another story.

Disturbed: >better stuff
>than AoH and PR
Unlikely. BotG is the most damaging weapon we've ever had. Granted, we needed to be the size of a full god to use it.

Hippy: >wear off
Explain it away however you like. It's just something done to 'keep things fresh' for casuals who don't really like the series as much as they might imply (once through types especially).

SLAP: >God
Come now.

>great question
An old one (and not really great).

>would have his own powers
That's more like it. This is a fine observation.

Durg: >which game
Athena took the GoZ. Helios took the Shield. That's it regarding 'returns'.

Caller: >support that
You support Indian Giving?

Stunner: >of Cerberus
*glances at counter trap card*
Awstan, awstan, pls. Stahp.

*glove slap*
Even in jest, you know I can't be having this.

You 'avin a giggle, mate? Is that it?

Shiki: >the SS
The what?

Creed: >the cliff
Using it again and again struck me as tasteless and silly.

They just didn't give him most of his powers. What little that was there was stripped away as you noted.

>in GoWIII
Same deal. Not nearly everything transferred, but it can be implied they were lost by plot devices (Styx in this case).

>CoO mentioned
Without showing how he lost the other powers.

We don't start GoWII with anything from it or start GoS with anything from GoW1 (even fresher off that entry no less). Curious that we had a symptom of Poseidon's favor in GoWII. No need to look deep into it, boys. They didn't think of such things. Story continuity and the like hasn't really been a concern since GoWII (it just keeps getting to be more of a mess).
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Re: Kratos has commitment issues.

Feb 15, 2013
GMG: The Sun Shield. However, I'm under the impression that you already knew that.

Is there an official abbreviation for it?
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Re: Kratos has commitment issues.

Feb 15, 2013

I just want to know how the hell he aquires the Life Cycle in Ascension.


And then he doesn't have it later on?


I'm sure they'll have a good explanation, though.

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Re: Kratos has commitment issues.

Feb 20, 2013
Shiki: >Sun Shied
Ah, yes.

>official abbreviation
That would be it. We almost never talk about it even during CoO discussions though. At least, not by name. Just lots of talk about parries, returns, counters, etc.

Disturbed: >how
Hard to say which boss gives it to us.

>doesn't have it later
Same as all the other times. Unexplained.
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Re: Kratos has commitment issues.

Feb 26, 2013

Going in order of the in-game timeline:


Chains of Olympus - As others have said, Athena and Helios took the Gauntlet of Zeus and the Sun Shield but I have no idea what happened to the powers.


God of War - All powers and weapons taken by Ares are returned after killing him, except the Blades of Chaos, which are replaced with the Blades of Athena.


Ghost of Sparta - Powers and Artemis Blade from God of War gone for no apparent reason, Arms of Sparta are left at Deimos' grave.


God of War II - Powers from Ghost of Sparta gone for no apparent reason. Poseidon's Rage returns somehow. No godly powers or weapons of his own.


God of War III - Powers and most weapons from God of War II gone for no apparent reason. New magic learned somehow. Blades of Athena replaced with Blades of Exile. All weapons destroyed by Fear Zeus.




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