Nov 09 2012
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Kind of disappointed.

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So, I'm sure not many of you know this because no one has talked about it yet...but GT.TV had a God of War special on today and SSM tweeted about I got extremely excited.


It didn't reveal much, we now know that the mode they keep showing is "favor of the gods" and the point system is called "favor" or w/e.  


They showed  a new map, and a more bland gametype than "favor of the gods" which was "2v2 team death match" Looks very interesting but the map isn't even as close to dynamic as the sand map.


I was happy to watch up until they said that they were going to talk about the beta.  It went off talking about some halo 4 crap no one cares about then finally got back to GoW, and they didn't actually say anything about it...just "this winter" which we already know.  


And then that was it.  No "you'll be able to do this" or "this is when you can expect it"  and then the whole special was over.  I guess I really shouldn't have expected much because it's still quite  a few months away...but **bleep**, I'm really sad we didn't get to see anything that amazing.  

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Re: Kind of disappointed.

Nov 9, 2012
I'm low on energy and time. I'll watch and review it in the MP thread later.
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