Jan 03 2013
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Increasing Customization

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I have read on some of the other threads about the want for customization of the character. And I completely agree with these ideas that increasing appearance customization would be great. Yet I think that the customization could go even deeper than facial hair, tattoos, and scars. I think it would be nice for SSM to introduce a system in which the stats could be better customized to fit each individual play style.


One way that I feel this could be accomplished would be to introduced "brands" (like a cow would be branded). While you are only aligned to one god, you can gain the respect/acknowledgment (and thus an endowment of stats/abilities) to another god. For example, we will use Athena: her blade has the ability to regenerate HP therefore being branded by her would endow the character with a small amount of Regen. 


Another way to further increase customization would be to add equipment customization. Many games use gems or some sort of jewel to manipulate equipment statistics and I think that a system like this could be used in which an equipped piece could change stats. For example if you equipped a scorpion scale the cooldown time would decrease or a cyclops' bone would increase health. These items could be found in the white lid chests. 


I just feel that adding this depth to the game could keep players playing longer while enhancing the overall experience with the game. The game is already great and I can't wait to see what the finished product brings, yet I feel that I would really enjoy more customization and these are my ideas on doing such. 

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