Jan 20 2013
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Increased Font, etc.

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Gotta start off by saying...LOVING THE BETA!!! The gameplay is great along with the customization of armor, weapons, spells, etc. My only problems so far are the font sizes for the stats and the rules for each type of match. I find it hard to read some of the stats when adjusting my character, even on the best TV in my house. I've adjusted the screen settings a few times, but they don't help all that much.

Also, for some of the matches, it's a bit hard to tell what needs to be done. On one hand, that's very God of War-like, but when you're on a team who has no idea what to do, it gets a bit irritating when I have no one to cover me. I figured out the specifics of Capture the flag after a couple of matches, but I'm still not sure what the end goal is for Team Favor of the Gods. If my team won, it was by luck.

Still, I think a font adjustment and more outlined rules are pretty small things compared to the entire awesomeness of this Beta. Can't wait for the game...which ironically comes out on my birthday.

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Re: Increased Font, etc.

Jan 20, 2013

@Devinnar We Have All Been There My Friend, It Is Called A Learner's Curve .


But You Will Adapt, I Gurantee It !

Long, Live, The Shade Legion Σκιά !

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