Dec 24 2012
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In-game Narrator issue

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Hello everyone, I'm loving this beta!,

anyways, Since the last patch was downloaded I have noticed that the narrator has not been talking at the beginning of Team favour of the gods, thats the only issue I've had right now other than other players that tend to be the host of the match quitting the match when he/she team loses and quits before the game ends and a message comes up saying "lost connection with host",

For that problem I wish the game was not based on player hosts as like I said, when the team is losing as the losing team that seems to have the host on their team seems to quit when the other team is winning, anyone else get what I'm talking about? I just fealt like I should add this to the beta forums so it could be accounted for.


and sorry if this isn't the right beta forums, I click on the beta feedback link in the past and it brings me here, so if its the wrong forum plz send this post to the beta feedback forum, Thanks Smiley Happy

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