Mar 29 2013
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Improving Multiplayer in Future Maps: Observations & Recommendations by Community

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First of all I wanted to really withhold from posting on the forums until I had a solid handle on the game and understood all of the complexities it offered. I've noticed a couple of oddities I'd like to point out, but ultimately I want this thread to be just more than my comments. I'd like everyone to take time to discuss and look over some of the weaker/stronger portions of the Online Multiplayer to make some quality suggestions.


I'd like to begin by pointing something strange.


In Capture the Flag Mode, by far the best map which encourages intense team work and communication is The Walls of Troy. Now because you go and say "But this other map is..." let me continue to clarify.


  1. Unlike Labyrinth, Bog, and Desert: The Walls of Troy stands out by having unique team focused features. In short, it has elements all other maps do not have and they are utilized in this mode by a lot of cooperative teams. These "Unique Features" are the Amulets which allow you to Build/Destroy sections of the level. People often utilize these Amulets as a defensive measure: destroy the entire bright to prevent people from accessing the your team's flag and the bonus flag; rebuild the gate to prevent access to your team's flag; destroy the stairway to make it difficult to escape with the flag if it stolen.
  2. Godly World Weapons do not spawn in The Walls of Troy CTF Mode. This is the ONLY map of the four which doesn't have Swords, Shields, Spears, or Hammers. I find this to be an extremely good thing, is now that people have caught on to the sheer power of these weapons online: everyone pretty much focuses 100% of their efforts trying to claim Godly World Weapons istead of focusing on the objectives. Since no weapons spawn, all that remains is the objective. Which makes The Walls of Troy, in my opinion, one of the best team-based maps in the game.


Godly World Weapons in other maps.


I admit, when I first started the game. I noticed these weapons were not utilized much. Many times people passed them up entirely and focused more or less on trying to improve their overall skill. Now sadly, I'm seeing fewer and fewer people depend on skill and more and more people depend 100% on just using only Godly World Weapons. They camp the spawns and refuse to do anything else by defend that weapon spawn until the World Weapon appears. Then they pick it up and proceed to spam it rather painfully. They've realized just how over-powered these weapons are, and how once you are struct by them -- often there is very little chance of you winning against someone who has them unless you're packing a LOT of magic to stun them.


In hindsite, these weapons spawn too frequently and are just too strong. Now entire games have just boiled down to people playing "Who Gets the God Weapon First" instead of, you know, playing the intended game. I think more people who experience Walls of Tory on CTF mode to really see how the game plays without them.


So my recommendation here:


  1. Either remove god weapons completely from multiplayer or reduce their overall power/spawn rate.
  2. Create more maps like Walls of Troy which utilize the Amulet to build/destroy the map. These create interesting and very unique expereinces that brings strategy into an otherwise weapon & spell spam-fest of a game. We need more maps like Troy. For me, the ability to build/destroy the map to this effect on a PS3 game stands out as being unique and fresh -- by far something I haven't seen in many online modes these days.


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