Jan 17 2013
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If you're on my team (TfotG)...

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1) Someone...PLEASE use the 3-5 chests grants the whole team 50 magic (Zeus - Relic of Harmony)...I mean, I would do it myself but I like using Ares! This Relic is FAR better than the selfish "get magic for myself" relics (Relic of Chance, Relic of Prosperity) and YOU STILL GET MAGIC FOR YOURSELF as well us as Ares folk who can't get magic except by camping the fountain! /rant


2) Steal my heard me. I'm a team player, if you can kill the dude before I can cuz of lousy lag on my end, GO FOR IT! I ain't a KDR junkie. I'm a "win the game" junkie. Alot of people out there are quite respectful of not stealing kills. DONT BE! I'll steal yours too if given half a chance. Quicker kills = more time to go grab an objective or heal or get get the idea.


3) Tanks are welcome. Keep hitting your Start button. If you see a guy with a nice KDR, chances are he''s tanking. 1-2 tanks and 1-2 objective grabbbers are welcome.


4) Two man teams are an AWESOME strategy. One grabs objectives, the other delivers backup. Rinse and repeat. If someone comin up on us, 2 on 1's are basically gamme over for the other guy if you know halfway how to fight. Once he's dead, it's free reign on that objective.


5) If you're gonna NOT hold R1 for a trap, make sure the guy I'm fighting dies too...not just me Smiley Happy


6) If you see 3 or 4 of them going for the spear and we are down 2-1 on objectives landed, give your life to the cause while I go even the score a bit. Dont let them get that overpowered spear! (Eh, this one is personal preference. I could just as easily give MY life to the cause while yoou go grab them objectives. Potato potahto.)


That's all I can think of this late at night. I'll add to the list when my head is a bit clearer Smiley Tongue

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