Jan 11 2013
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Ideas/Review/Small Bug

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So far the beta is amazing im loving every minute of it. This game has great multiplayer,the servers are great no lag for me yet! there does need to be some sort of host migration. i have a couple ideas in mind; 1 there should be weekly or monthly tournaments for in game prizes xp,weapon,upgrade tokens, etc. also i dont know if its just because of the beta but i think there should be an invite your friend option for team favor of gods. final thing i noticed a small bug, whenever i back out to the menu and go back to the champion cuztomization the relic, items, and magic always reset so it always seems as if i got something new,its a small bug i dont mind but if the developers are going for perfection they should fix that bug. Anyways thats all i have to say for now thanks for taking your time to read any reply would be much appreciated

Edit: i forgot to mention there needs to be some sort of lock on option because sometimes when i go for the air grapple or brutal kill i end up grabbing someone else

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Re: Ideas/Review/Small Bug

Jan 11, 2013
I think it is showing those exclamation marks because you have enough skill points to level up that particular item or whatever it may be.
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