Apr 19 2013
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How much is too much?

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I'll bet I pulled you in with this catchy title.. "Some days you're the dog.. and some days you're the hydrant" 


recently  I have seen many complaints over jump slicing and  all and all.. cheap tactics, while these reports may be true in most cases, there are times when we seem to be the ones laying waste to the opposition all the same.


This Subject title mainly wondering, what gives you all the right to complain about stuff you may sometimes do or follow through with at desperate times. Seems to me we have some hypocrites in the mix. Complaining on a forum can only take you so far, and now while I can't say for the rest of you, I haven't come across anyone that doesn't utilize at least some of the argued over things. Now don't go taking this seriously or personally but just something to think about, one could argue that its in the game so I might as well use it and complain until it is changed, thats fine. Whatever helps whoever sleep at night.


In my opinion every god has incredible strengths but thats what makes them equal, as for everything else, I enjoy how it all plays out wether its me or an enemy grabbing the hammer to avoid a few swings and change the tide of battle. Second the person allowing the combo to happen is you for letting him get the first hit in. Simple defence gear could hold back a jump slicer along with extremely easy parrys and dodges.



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Re: How much is too much?

Apr 19, 2013

very true m8 ,gods are mostly ballanced and evryone resorts to these tactics every now and thn lol

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