May 16 2013
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Helios Hammer/Barbarian Hammer Discussion

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I was glad Helios hammers rised in its popularity before but today, now it's extincted due to how predictable it is.

I just battled a Helios Hammer user now and it made me wondering about this hammer.



Helios Hammer of Kung fu

Helios Hammer does destroy enemies within their shields


Rid of certain relics relies on Brutal Kills and replace with other useful relic to support Helios Hammer.


It became huge predictable to enemies lately, I need suggestions for sneaky attacks


I need good suggestions for whatever relic(s) support it


Only I can think up of Poseidon's Ultimate Magic support it largely.

Once activated by Poseidon warrior ally, L1+ T on frozen enemies, charge up to hit then L1 + S on other enemy to get two/three kills


I read other topics;


Poseidon's Crest combo with this

Hades's Vanishing abliity



I need more supports for Helios Hammer.



As for Barbarian Hammer... It seemed to be discarded into the complete extinction...


Any supports/suggestions for this sad panda hammer?



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Re: Helios Hammer/Barbarian Hammer Discussion

May 16, 2013

The Barbarian Hammer's L1+S is just as good as it was in God of War 2.



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