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Re: Hammer: the noob weapon

Jan 11, 2013

I agree with you lombax, So many people are complaining about stuff when it's so easy to counter.. I am already back up to 30 for ares agian... I was sitting at #1 for pre patch, and most likely will for this patch..Assuming I keep playing, And when full game comes out, then probaly that too..Cause if it's all these bad trash players still playing, then they seriously have no chance... They need to stop complaining about the game and realize that if they would take the time to learn it then the "noob" stuff wouldn't even bother them at all.

I get to level 30 at the close beta, and I'm level 15 at the ps plus beta, I know how to get away from these attacks, but what about people that are just starting? 

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