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Yeah, yeah, I know there's been enough grapple threads but I'm making a new one for myself.  It's not so much of a complaint as it is a question:  what are the requirements for grappling?  Don't tell me that I have to wait for that little white mark to shine above the player's head, because I know for a fact that I can snatch players without those.  I, myself, have been grappled while walking, running towards enemy players, and jumping.  Sorry, but I didn't know that was possible.  I was under the assumption that players may only be grappled if they run away from you or if they've been bounced.  Lately, I noticed that you can potentially grapple in any scenario (after landing a Triangle hit, after the bounced opponent lands, etc.).


I guess I can also repeat the obvious that grapple is terribly inconsistent.  Sometimes, a player with a grapple signal over head is within range, but my grapple refuses to latch on...

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Re: Grapple

Apr 7, 2013

You shouldn't be grappled while walking or just jumping among the other quirks you listed.  BUT, lag just disregards everything.   The only time grappling actually works properly as intended is when I find myself playing against people in the same local area (which almost never happens).


All the grapples being ignored despite seeing a white halo, a sprinter that you can't grapple, getting grappled or grappling at times that shouldn't be possible, all byproducts of lag or at least mostly as a result of lag.  Unless there's an actual technical issue in the game that's causing the unreliability of grappling and it isn't just stemming from lag, I don't see the situation improving, barring some netcode miracle.

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