Jun 12 2013
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Godly Armr/Wpns Color Swap Petition Now With List!

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Hi all-- I know I am not the only one that feels this way-- and the ones who don't, probably will very soon when more people start to ascend.


Everyone just-- post and sign your name here and leave it at that if you agree to the following:


Godly armor need color customization (while keeping their godly glow and some gold/ silver perhaps)  and Godly armor and weapons need some detail put back into them. (weapons don't need a color choice)  read below


1.  Keep the glow that comes off the items (this is amazing and very cool / necessary for in game so people can tell they are fighting a hero or demi god without checking the scoreboard to see the icons)  the current color for the glow is great... -- if you want to make it customizable maybe make it match the color of our tattoo if we use one, if not-- make it how it is now?


2.  Give us our armor color customization back-  It's getting worse and worse as more people ascend-- I can't tell which alliance I am fighting sometiems after I have engaged the person until they use magic/ weapon special *given they are using a god weapon*

I don't meen take the gold and silver out completely.. there needs to be some uniqueness to the Godly armor look wise for sure-- but this was the WRONG approach...  For instance-- put the detail back into  armor while allowing us to customize our look via color still (Maybe leave the armor metal parts gold.. and when we change the color for it-- make it change the detailed parts.. (leave things like Conch shells on poseidons battle armor chest peice alone.. Gold and silver sea shells are awful--  I don't like it at all-- in fact- I want my regular weapon back already  just so I can look like an actual poseidon warrior again.  Zeus REGULAR hercules helmet looks 10x better than the Godly one if tinted gold...  there is so much more detail--- that is the kind of detail that I am talking about.  


Maybe give us a sort of HEW that glows off the armor (quite noticably) with the current armor color selection available while bringing the detail back into some things and not making the entire peice solid gold.


3.  For weapons--- I don't think these need a color choice to be honest actually this would be a bad idea because I have gotten used to what things look like and this effects how I perform in combat.. If I see some one running at me with a certain sword I can switch my strategy up---  I can't tell **bleep** sword/hammer is coming towards me now (unless it isn't a godly one) they should definitely glow like the are now.. and you know-- I was really hopeing for some uniqueness to these like--- *total new weapon models with maybe slightly improved/ different specials*  hell-- a new weapon per weapon class per your first and 2nd ascension (2 more unique weapons in each category for each god) would have been WAY better than what has happened in my opinion.  But.. what is done is done I don't really care about that-- the stats are great -- The main problem here is they need detail-- I feel like midas touched my weapon and it will melt if I get near an ares champion........  Example-- the blade of hades--- Give it its purple stripes back.   the war hammer of poseidon *make the conch shell on the back of it--- well-- the same.. or maybe a slightly brighter conch shell or something I dont know.. A silver conch shell looks retarded.....  Same on the poseidon battle armor :/   Sword of zeus.. make the guy standing in the middle of the sword stand out by making him the opposite of whatever color the outside of the blade is.....   (Same with hercules helm)    Blade of Ares... the red eyes on the side of the blade-- or whatever is red on the blade.. should have stayed red.. and the handle should be different from the blade of the sword texture/color wise.  (just apply this logic to all weapons and leave the godly glow and we will all be extremely happy)    


Sorry for the long read but I just wanted to make it perfectly clear what I think everyone I have talked to is asking for---


If you agree with this-  Please sign your name on this page so that we can get some godly colors/ uniqueness to our characters and weapons back-  Or atleast a dev response as to why they did this, or if they even have any plans whatsoever of ever changing this so we can customize it.  Everyone looking the same is terrible.--  capes will help.. but not with the weapons!!  Also--- I think pure gold and pure silver should remain an option for godly armor only-- but if chosen.. put some of the regular color back into these patterns.


I think I have written enough here to sum up just about anything that everyone has complained about that I know-- So lets try to keep this neat--  If you want to add a suggestion do it in a small sentence--- or make another thread :-)  just sign your name under this if you agree with everything I have said-- I am going to be all over people to try to get as many sigs as possible.   


Thanks everyone-- have a good night/ morning wherever you all are!


(sorry for any typos I wrote this while I was feeling sick and very tired )




and here is my signature for the petition (the spear nerf got an answer, maybe this can too)


~Crackle2012-- I agree with all of the above.. plz SSM do it!





List of people who have signed this petition thus far! (Updated as of 5:15 PM EST Thursday 6/13/2013)


just to make it easy for Community managers and devs/anyone else


List of people who have signed this petition thus far:
just to make it easy for Community managers and devs/anyone else

** = this person posted but did not sign "officially" please clarify by editing where
you posted originally in the thread so I can take the marks off of your name! :-)

Thanks guys

1. Me- Crackle2012
2. Xarox_86
3. SML1529
4. Catalinalao88
5. bpack2
6. nico-chirry_no1
7. Bugi_50
8. Kshandoo
9. DaNielgAUci
10. fame96
11. DJMadCow
12. Poseidon4ever
13. Rafa_psc
16. TheMUSEdOne
17. DjTonetti
18. Vampire_Damian
** 19. Metlgearsolid200???? you didn't say signed- but I am pretty sure you are on board :-) please Clarify
20. sNsReal
23. Jessie117
24. TekNo_GizMo
25. kergero15
26. MrBigV404
27. ShAdoW_LeGeNd786
** 28. Galibis?? -- please clarify if you signed or not buddy?
29. H41GOTAT
30. MrBadNews-


So that is 28 thus far for sure-- 30 total if Metl and Galibis will please edit their post :-) :-)

Keep them coming guys-- I want as many as we can possibly get!

Again-- I will make some examples in photoshop of what I think everyone wants to see from the Godly weapons IF you all want!

I will need some one to send me a regular god specific weapon that they want to see and then the GODLY version of that weapon in high reso at the same angle - just PM me if you want to see Armor/ Weapon and I will tell you how to contact/send me files-- ***If you request armor-- Please make sure the original (non godly version) is default color please.


Gypsy or Tank-- we really want an answer for this ASAP-- thanks guys! :-)


Also:  thanks to each and everyone of you who have responded and signed this and also to Metlgearsolid200 for making another thread about this which you all should also check out here!







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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013

-signed; from the bottom of my heart aswell Smiley Happy

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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013
Def agree! -SML1529
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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013
Catalinalao88 -signed Smiley Very Happy

I also would suggest to add more brutal kills maybe even a touch of Elemental power in it to your specific God Smiley Wink. And also some extra taunts would be really cool!!

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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013

Fantastic idea. Sign me up.

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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013

Thanks all!! I am off to bed-- not feeling well.. Please keep these coming if you agree!!!!!!

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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013

sign me up Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013

You sir, have my support on this.

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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013


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Re: Godly Armor and Weapons Color Swap Petition Thread

Jun 12, 2013

Signed Smiley Very Happy You should add a list but it isn't necessary. 

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