Jan 11 2013
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God of war beat

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Wondering if who ever needs to know that  Reckoning of Zeus upgrade 3 lvl 20 required is busted needs 3 coins and lvl 20 and wont let me unlock it. Just curious if yuknow or if can be fixed.


Also I think it would be cool if possible you guys could add some kind bar above head in the ffa match so that pppl know who is the person leading. That way everyone can kinda gang up on em as it draws near the end. Would make for some EPIC finishes.


Btw this is first time i play god of war. Seen it b4 but never played. I am loving it awesome game. Hope the campaign is as good as multiplayer. I thought it was going to blow like Assasin Creed multiplayer but this is lot fun. Thanks =)



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