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God of War III Remastered is in dire need of a patch

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Although I am a big God of War fan, only recently did I finally buy the remastered edition of God of War III. It was disappointing to see the game environment not load in like that after such an awesome opening. I have actually played this port of GOW III before, shortly after it came out in 2015 I borrowed it from a friend and played through the entire game. I saw no real issues with the port - and I'm pretty picky when it comes to these things. It's only during this week that I've played any of GOW III again and encountered this bizarre visual glitch:

I thought I would at least try to email Sony Santa Monica to see if they would ever get it patched, and I was pleased to receive this response from them shortly after:

No Caption ProvidedNo Caption Provided


So I sought to find every last mistake, issue, or glitch that I could find in GOW III and GOW III Remastered:



Kratos' first line of dialogue will be delayed upon restarting the checkpoint. This was present in the original PS3 game.

Kratos' delayed line of dialogue upon checkpoint restart



Helios' line of dialogue is always delayed. Just a little thing I noticed when I first played the remaster.

Helios' delayed line of dialogue



In both fights, when the player dodges the Leviathan's water attack it no longer pushed Kratos away. Honestly, I might prefer it this way, but it's evidently not what the development team intended. Also another one I noticed right away.

Leviathan water attack quirk #1

Leviathan water attack quirk #2

Leviathan water attack quirk #3



Only the second fight, Leviathan's water attack sort of sucks Kratos towards itself instead oof quickly knocking him away.

Leviathan's water attack doesn't push away Kratos



After the Leviathan is killed, the section with Kratos navigating through Gaia has some bizarre reddish scan lines and black squares everywhere.

Persistent graphics issue in God of War III Remastered


And sometimes it's a bit different and has glowing white areas.

Different visual glitching, same area



The sound/music that is paired with leveling up a weapon is missing when using speakers. For anyone who uses headphones, they will be scared **bleep**less the first time they upgrade because the sound is about 10 times louder than it should be. Oddly enough, the PS4's internal video capture does actually record this sound, even though it was never audibly present while playing.

Upgrading the Cestus


But if an external capture device is used then this sound/music will be missing as it is during gameplay.



The cyclops defending Helios is missing his roar. This was the only issue I noticed when I first played GOW III in 2012, and later went through two other copies of the game to see if it was still present. I searched through a few Youtube walkthroughs to see if it was there, and I did find one from 2011 that had it. So this was in the original PS3 version, but I thought it was my particular PS3 system or a firmware update that caused it. However, when I first played the PS4 remaster in August 2015 the cyclops absolutely didn't have the muted roar, but now he does. My only guess is that a firmware update did whatever caused this glitch and glitch #5.

Cyclops' missing roar



When Kratos rips out the eye of the cyclops, there's visual clipping around the cyclops' head/neck.

Clipping around cyclops' head



In the caves after Helios' death, Kratos' using the Icarus Wings to glide will be accompanied by a grunt/shout until he reaches the Chains of Balance. This was present in the original PS3 version.

glide quirk in caves

Start point of glide quirk in caves



Pulling this lever creates a weird overlapping sound effect.

Lever sound effect doubling up #1



This sound glitch only happens about half the time. It isn't prompted immediately by pulling the lever, but instead starts shortly after breaking the blue stone with the Cestus. This was present in the original PS3 version.

Lever sound effect doubling up #2

Doubling up effect is not always present



Viewing the Pit of Tartarus from he podium when the Nemean Cestus are selected has a goofy minor visual glitch. This was present in the original PS3 version.

Cestus visual glitch



After solving the first facet of the maze puzzle, this block will incessantly emit the sound of being pushed. This was present in the original PS3 version.

Continual block-pushing sound



This is the only other glitch I looked for when I first played the remaster a year and a half ago. The powerful triangle attack combo finisher doesn't have the slow motion effect. It was present in the original PS3 version, but I thought it wasn't there when I initially played through the PS4 version.

Missing the slow motion effect



Daedalus' shouts are missing the echo effect in the caverns.

No Echo



This one's actually pretty egregious. The falling 'meteors' during the descent to Hades has similar reddish scan lines as the ones shown inside Gaia at the start of the game.




I must have been mistaken in one of my prior emails, that delayed music bug in the fight against Zeus only seems to happen upon restarting a checkpoint. Maybe I failed the first part of the boss battle within the walls of Olympus to witness it. This was also in the original PS3 version

Zeus battle with correct music intro

Delayed music track upon restarting checkpoint #1

And it's identical for the final part next to the Heart of Gaia.

Delayed music track upon restarting checkpoint #2



Even though I've never been a fan of the challenges in GOW games, on a whim, I decided to try a few. I stopped and winced when the Minotaur actually gored Kratos when it should have been a well-timed parry.

Gored by minotaur in challenge

I had to recheck if this applied to the minotaur enemies in the story, Nope, it doesn't.

Successful parry against minotaur charge

This was also in the original PS3 version so I assume that it was intentional. Still **bleep** either away. (No pun intended)



Nothing like this ever happened in my two playthroughs of the remaster, but it severely halts progress if it's encountered.God of War III Remastered - Glitch/Bug

Here are all the videos compiled into one list: God of War III PS4 - Bugs & Glitches


Personally, numbers 4, 5, 7, 8, 15, and 16 are the ones I would focus on fixes for. 


One more thing, if there's ever a slight chance of the first God of War being added to the PS4's emulated PS2 library please ensure that it's the original PS2 code and not the later version that contains the Pandora's Temple overlap glitch. For whatever reason, the later PS2 copies that were made would permanently run like crap--until a system reset--after a certain music track starts playing and will never cease. You can watch speedrun videos of the HD PS3 version and see that it'll constantly play from the point at being inside Pandora's Temple all the way until Kratos sits on his new throne in Olympus. It simply plays over every other music track until the player quits the entire game and restarts it from the XMB menu. This wasn't Bluepoint's fault - they weren't provided original PS2 code to port to the PS3.

Strange issue with music in GoW (Haven't tried GoW II yet)

I have both an original black label and Greatest Hits PS2 copy which run and play flawlessly, but I would love to play that in HD. So if there's ever an opportunity for it to be added to the PS4's library I'd be profoundly grateful if you would help ensure that it's perfect.

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