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Re: God of War®: Ascension Information Thread

Sep 1, 2012

GodModeGOD wrote:
It has both and they often say the focus is equal. However, though they recognize SP is the core, MP is the focus in this outing.

ok thank's.


At least I know what Sony is up to this game. 

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Re: God of War®: Ascension Information Thread

Sep 29, 2012

Managed to get my hands on the single player demo and 1 multiplayer match when i went to the Eurogamer. (28/09/12).


I must say overall it was very good , everything was almost as i expected. I say 'almost' as the controls for combat have changed slightly and i kept getting confused. So for example you cannot simply grab weaker enemies with cirlce anymore, rather you press R1 and kratos hooks on to them with his blades, then you you can either fight other enemies with the remaining blade in kratoses hand or you can finish of the enemy that kratos is holding. It all works very fluid and controls are responsive as they always have but they will take some time getting used to. 


One of the staff couldnt believe i pulled of a 40 hit combo on the Minotuar general near the beggining of the demo (it was the same demo that we've seen already), he was like 'You're INHUMANE! You a God of War fan?' i laughed and simply replied 'yes' lol.


Not much else to say really, apart from the refreshed control system, it all felt like the GoW we've all come to love. Beautiful graphics, tight and responsive controls, insane gore... you  get the picture.


As for multiplayer i will sum it up as fun. It did get hectic, and im not gonna lie it did also get chaotic, all the players would cram into one spot and just beat eachother to death half the time i didnt know which character is was. But anyway not much else to say here. (Actually there is, im just not really bothered going into specifics)


But so far Sony Santa Monica is doing very well and i was certainly happy with what i played.


Sorry for the not so good review of this, i just wanted to point out some key things that stood out to me. I didnt want to start a new thread for this as im not going to be back here anytime soon.


But yeah you guys will definalty love it this game when its out. I know i will!


Peace guys Smiley Wink

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Re: God of War®: Ascension Information Thread

[ Edited ]
Oct 2, 2012

I still have to update the main posts with the latest updates (later in the thread), but this covers knowledge of the SP as it is now (less coverage for MP, but it is there):

>cannot simply grab
OS exists at close range. Beyond that, you need to go through Tether to get to it.

>40 hit combo
>staff cares about combos
Mother of God.

>get the picture
What I see are OP stuns like CoO had which makes the game a great big joke. Lots of blockbables that should at least guard break in that demo. Nevermind the rage filling up insanely quick. This has to be 'Easy'. Even Normal isn't this pathetic.

>not going to be back anytime soon
Have some challenge runs to attend?

>love it
I'll have plenty of issues to bring up with Papy. This I know.




Ah, these results:

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