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God Of War- Sanctum (IDEA)

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God Of War


Kratos the champion of the gods finds himself in another situation.

Zeus, the god of all gods loses the Horn of the gates- the horn possesses the power to both open and close the portals between heaven and earth. For that reason the Horn must be returned

Hades has the knowledge that the Horn also opens the gates between Hell and earth, Kratos is under time…

Find the horn before Hades or prepare to defend all of earth and his dead family in the heavens.

Hades PLOT

Take the fallen horn and release his demons onto earth- then take his army to the heavens and unleash the demons to them…



Tell Kratos to return the horn- without it his powers will not be enough to keep the world from falling.

The Champion of the gods agrees but he grows ever wearier of the god’s promises of his freedom. Zeus will give it to him along control of the horn so he could see his family… once.

Kratos PLOT

He is although unhappy taking the job.

But not for the promise of seeing his family, they instead promise to give him his freedom. He agrees of course.


Kratos on one day has the feeling of a danger murking in the corners of his mind- a dream.

The dream shows the horn- unknown to him of what it is. He goes to the gods and asks of the strange dreams. On his way up they open the gates to him- THAT’S WHERE THE DEMONS FOLLOW KRATOS UP, WHILE THE GATE IS OPEN!

-Unknown to him the dreams are all under corruption by Hades who has been putting g the dreams into his head- He confronts the gods asking for an explanation to the dreams.

Zeus becomes suspicious and feels a presence arriving to his land of the Heavens. Kratos, leading the charge unleashes all his power on the demons and sends them to oblivion- he succumbs to the relenting forces. And the horn is taken.

The demons are en route to the underworld with the sacred horn in hand. Leaving Kratos in a time consuming mission to return the Horn.

 Zeus angered, questions Kratos for the failure of protecting the Horn, He casts him to earth in chase of the Horn… Having to follow the last of the demons and take them out before they get the horn to Hades.

Kratos starts finding one after the other of the Demons and finds the last one at the Gates of Hell- He fights the Demon and defeats the strongest of the five. He strikes him down- and with the last of its power the Demon blows the horn and out Emerges Hades along with a million Demons. Hades emerges and finds Kratos in his weak state- Kratos fights the Demon king for the Horn; but to no avail.

That’s all I have… I hope that This can reach the creators and in the future can become a possible make for the epic series…

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