Jul 30 2012
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GoW without Kratos?

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So, today I oficially completed all GoW games and I would like to make a question to you


Would you play a GoW who doesnt feature Kratos as the main character?  The reason I ask this is because I didn't like the end of GoW3 [SPOILER] We all know how Kratos's story ends on GoW3, and I'm not mad at Kratos dying (it seems like he finally found some peace), but I didn't like that Athena stayed alive, she was the one manipulating Kratos from the begining, all part of her plan to become a "Hihger being". Another thing is that the world is in total chaos as the result of the war against the olympians and millions of people must be dying right now. At the end, Kratos refuse to give Athena the hope from pandora's box and releases it to the world so that people could use it to endure this chaotic world; shouldn't we be able to see how they do it?


So, a new title who is not a precuel, that ends up on the restoration of the world and Athena's death, but if Kratos is really dead, who could be the new God of War? There are many heroes who haven't appear in the game (Leonidas, Aquiles) and, why not? some Roman heroes or iconic characters like Spartacus? we have always explored Grecian territory but Rome was as magnificent as Greece and it could be a good scenario


Sorry for making this post so long xD I hope you share your thoughts

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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Jul 30, 2012
>would I
If it is GoW (regarding gameplay specifically),, probably. I''d prefer it remain an Action game of the Third-Persion Hack-and-Sllash variety. My next concern would be that it stay Greek. Then comes continuity with the story arc (with regards to Kratos).

>his story ends with GoWIII
I don't really see why it would, but I'm not all that concerned either way.

>found peace
In his spiteful last jab at Athena? Not really. He's just a petulant child.

>didn't like Athena living
She's neither alive nor dead. Even corrupted, she's a ssaint.

>manipulating Kratos from the start
I'll cut you.

>plan to be a higher being
That's a ridiculous theory. The Evils (made-up later) are the only explanation offered for her return in GoWIII, whihc implies she is either Hate or Greed mixed with Athena (more likely the latter). She was ignorant of this as was Zeus.

Speaking of Zeus, he's not himself. Fear Zeus is neither 'fear' nor Zeus. Rather, a blend. A busion. We aimed to kill Zeus and he wasn't even himself when he crossed us (while Athena remained pure somehow *because they made this plot thread up later*).

Not much satisfcation in beating on what amounts to a corruption of the King of the gods rather than the real deal for reasons related to his behavior (not some other force). I didn't even feel like smashing his face in the end.

This said, Athena, in GoWIII, is shown to place Hope in the box out of concern about the Evils rather than summoning it to keep for herself and use to destroy the rest of the gods. There is no credence to this theory of her having been anything other than the benefactor of man and ESPECIALLY Kratos (the unworthy)

Indeed, she is only guilty of being too kind with this horrible person. Why did this half-brother mortal get such favorable treatment among the others?

To say she intended to get corrupted (becoming something lesser) is nonsense. To imply she originally wanted Hope or to use it for ill (even while corrupted) is a character affront not to be overlooked, friend. What you speak of is heresy.

>must be dying
Must be dead, rather. Most will be that point and few remain for the 'dying' thing. Not like mortals can't be made again. I just doubt the likes of Kratos could pull it off. Athena however...well it would have helped to have "Hope", but Kratos dispersed it (the **bleep** that he is).

>could use it to endure
They don't know how to use it and will never learn. At best things just slowly sort out (while never explaining away the remaining monsters, deities, mythological aspects of the setting (flat world, no universe proper, underworld is a physical place, Atlas holds the 'crust' up, etc.) and all that jazz.



It sorts itself out.

>death of Athena
She died for Kratos' sins already. She's what it takes to bring order back to the world of man. A benevolent hand.

>new GoW
You seem to be missing the point. There is no need for more gods with the angle being worked.

>more heroes

That's not even a close spelling.

>why not Roman
Because they just copy Greek where it counts and their additions are terrible. They already use aspects of it to suit popular cultures understanding of mythology.

>so long
Walls take a bit more than this.

Don't apologize.

It is for the weak.

>my thoughts
Sentences end with punctuation.
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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Jul 31, 2012
>Athena the savior
She was in fact infected with greed, at the end she wanted the power of Hope to dominate mankind

>Humans cannot use Hope
Why not? nobody said you have to be a demigod to use it

>Rome and Greece
They are not really that alike, besides the gods, their cultures were far diferent

Thats how is said in spanish, I'm latin, sue me =P
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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Aug 1, 2012
>in fact
It isn't explicitly stated nor implied. A good theory though.

>wanted Hope for
No reason stated, implied, etc. beyond her own (benefactor of mankind *which her character is in line with*).

>nobody said
Now you get it. But how do you imagine mortals shall gather it up into one place? Only Athena has been shown to be able to do this and what good is a spread then version of it dispersed to nature (not mankind)?

>not that alike
They are very alike in popular culture . The same practically. That's the thing about GoW. It doesn't really care about accuracy all that much.


You would deserve it on grounds of not finishing sentences and text-based emoticons, but instead I would offer a glove slap.

What's your run history, chap?
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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Aug 21, 2012
Spoilers. I don't think kratos died at the end, remember there was a trail of blood going off the side of the cliff
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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Aug 22, 2012
Oh you.
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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Aug 26, 2012

I honestly feel after this God of War Ascension, they should end the series. Since God of War was essentially around the Greek God Ares and Kratos ended up taking his title. There really isn't much that Kratos can do since he ends up killing all the Greek Gods throughout the series. I am sure he will have his hand in killing Apollo or some other greek god!


I think they can start a new IP but maybe around a different Era. Have a new character maybe a female character?  Yes I enjoy playing with a female character, they are better to look at in a 8 to 12 hour game!


I just think God of War would cease to be God of War because it was mostly a story about Kratos, without Kratos, it just seems like another story and game!

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Re: GoW without Kratos?

Aug 27, 2012
>honestly feel
>story concern driven
>video games
A wag of the finger.

>about the God of War
Being that it became a story of Kratos (who was the God of War), anything about his life is relevant to that story. And we've yet to play the important early years.

They had not the courage to try to do without the Blades for most of the game (leaving that to NG+), but instead meddled in foolishness (MP).

>killing all
We've been over this, Fresh.

>have a hand in the killing of some other deity
Likely. We've yet to break that tradition. Final bosses in particular.

>new IP
Not likely to be another Action game. They're too niche.

>maybe female
>still going on about this
*glove slap*

>different Era
Why is this capitalized and why just the same stuff but in a different time? Is this the same universe (story) then but earlier/later? And we've been over the furry and phallus worshipping Egyptians, the milk drinking-cross dressing Norse, etc. When you get into myth, the strongest source is Greek. Asura's Wrath had a chance and blew it on some anime playing at a video game.

>better to look at
Why are you LOOKING at your in-game avatar in a sexual fashion, boy?

>cease to be GoW without Kratos
>is a fan of GoW
>wants one with a female
What's all this now?

>another story and game
>and game
Sounds ideal. Just as a new Mario, Zelda, etc. would be welcomed by those fans. It is mostly a video game phenomenon to ask for one's supposed favorite series to drastically change its identity.

Mind your excitability.
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